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  • 28 Q: How to add several cameras in LAN
        A: If you have several cameras and you want to see all of them in the same UI locally. You can add them in multi-device settings.
        For example, we have three cameras.
        The 1st camera’s address is
        The 2nd camera’s address is
        The 3rd camera’s address is
        (1) Login your 1st camera and choose multi-device settings. (Picture1) Click “The 2nd device”; Fill in the 2nd camera’s name, host, port, user name and password.

    (picture 1)

        After you add the camera, it will show the following status (picture 2)

    (picture 2)

        Click submit Then back to Live video. (Picture 3),choose 4 windows then you will see the camera you have added! After they are added successfully, the green light at the status of them will all turn on.

    (picture 3)

        Problem: If it shows failed to connect the camera, the light show yellow in device status, it may due to wrong settings. Please check the following three points:
        If the camera you add can be login remotely.
        1、When you add it, whether you use the correct DDNS account or WAN IP, not LAN IP.
        2、If you fill in the correct alias, port, user name and password of the camera you add.