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  • 32 Q:How to do two times port forwarding
        A:If you connect two routers in your network (or a modem and a router) and want to set remote access, you need do two times port forwarding.

        For example, the LAN IP of router1 is, LAN IP of router2 is, its WAN IP is, you can get these information in LAN and WAN settings in your router.
        Camera and PC both connect to router2, PC’s LAN IP is, camera’s LAN IP is, port is 85.
        Here are the steps to do these two port forwarding:
        1) First, please do port forwarding in router2, forward to camera’s ip and port 85;
        2) Second, please do port forwarding in router1, forward to router2’s ip and port 85;
        Router1: forward to router2 (IP is, port 85)
        Router2: forward to camera (IP is, port 85)