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  • 34 Q: How to set alarm settings
        A: If you want the camera alarm when motion trigger, you can set alarm settings.
        If you want the camera alarm at any time when motion trigger. Please set as follows.
        Login the camera as administrator, choose alarm service settings. (Picture1)

    (picture 1)

        NOTE: 1) About the sensitivity, 1 is the lowest sensitivity, 10 is the highest sensitivity.
              2) About “Motion Compensation”, it means it is compensation of lights. As usually, camera will alarm even when light changes, here if you choose motion compensation, camera will not cause so many alarms by light changes. In other words, it can decrease these alarms caused by light changes.
        When motion alarm, the light in device status will turn to red, then to green, keep this constantly until alarm end.(Picture 2)You can hear beep sound when the light turns to red.

    (picture 2)

        The status of alarm will turn to motion detect alarm. (Picture 3)

    (picture 3)

              3) If you want the camera only alarm during some special time, you can set scheduler. (Picture 4) After you set scheduler, camera will only alarm when motion trigger during the time you set.

    (picture 4)

        1) There are some things need to notice:
        2) When alarm trigger, the alarm status will turn to motion detect alarm.
        3) When alarm trigger, the status light will turn to red.
        4) When alarm trigger, there will be beep sound.
        5) If you set email and alarm, camera will send images to your email when motion trigger.
        6) If you set ftp and alarm, camera will upload images to ftp server when motion trigger.
    When alarm trigger, camera will record automatically and store the recordings on the disk of your computer. You can change record path at user settings. (Picture 5)

    (picture 5)