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  • Security standardization organization ONVIF published Profile G

        A global leader in network video security ONVIF standardization organizations announced the release ProfileG, which includes a video board storage, search, retrieval, and technical specifications media playback functions.
         ProfileG further improve the interoperability features live video and video storage for a variety of surveillance equipment and systems, including video surveillance cameras, encoders, and network video recorder (NVR) and video management systems, building management systems, and physical security information Management (PSIM) systems.
         Chairman of ONVIF Steering Committee PerBjorkdahl said, "With ProfileG release, we have completed a set of industry standards for product manufacturers and software developers to provide a variety of programs, it presents a comprehensive and complete in the basic level of video surveillance systems and access control systems. ProfileG complements the existing ProfileS and ProfileC perfect, so that we reach new heights in the standard interworking function. "
         ONVIF Profile introduced the concept, making it easier for the end user to distinguish the characteristics of each Profile supported without the need to determine the ONVIF compatibility between different versions of the technical specifications. The Profile has been released, including ProfileS and ProfileC. ProfileS for video and audio streams, ProfileC to achieve interoperability between the client and the physical access control systems (PACS) and network video systems.